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Nursery News:

The children have had an amazing start to the year taking part in lots of activities to support their learning and development as they read “The Bear Hunt”, the first book of the year!. It has been fantastic to see and hear the children of all ages repeating the words and sounds from the story, as they explored the “thick squelchy mud” and “long wavy grass” outdoors as well as lovely to hear parents comment that the children are repeating the story and talking about the activities at home. The impact on children’s learning has been fantastic and we look forward to all the exciting activities for our next book of the month for February which is “The Rainbow Fish”.

Policies and procedures

This month please find attached our “Dealing with a lost child“ policy and procedure. If you have any queries regarding the content of this document, please contact the office.

Employee of the Month (January)

Employee of the month for January was James Greenham, Special Educational Needs Coordinator,         supporting all rooms in the nursery. James was nominated for “always being fantastic with the children, interacting and encouraging them with their attention and language through Attention Hillingdon/bucket time activities”. He was also specifically nominated for “going out of his way to make things more accessible to children” as well as for the support he gives to children and families with special educational needs.

This month’s book of the month will be “The Rainbow Fish” by Marcus Pfister

Baby Leprechauns

This month our baby Leprechauns will be having lots of fun exploring their senses and experimenting with a range of media to support their fine and gross motor skills. They will be exploring ice to see how it feels and encouraged to make sounds as well as single words such as “cold”, “wet”, “slippery” during their play. Baby Leprechauns will be able to “squish”, “squash”, “squeeze”, “shake”, “pour” as well as manipulate a range of rainbow sensory bags and bottles filled with different coloured gel, paint, foam, and love hearts, using their hands and fingers.

Babies will be playing with colourful blocks, learning words, sounds and familiar expressions eg “tap, tap”, “wow look”,  as they build and balance blocks to make small towers and then knock them down! This will also support their turn taking and sharing as they are encouraged to pass the blocks to their friends.

Baby Leprechauns will be exploring the different colours of the rainbow fish through paint as they make hand and fingerprint “rainbow fish”. They will be creating an “under the sea” storyboard filled with lots of babies exotic fish artwork as they have fun exploring different patterns they can make using brightly coloured celery and potato stamping. Babies will also be learning how to pick up small objects between their thumb and fingers as they use a range of materials including sequins, glitter, shiny paper to make beautiful Chinese lanterns, Valentine cards and decorate rainbow fish.

To encourage our youngest babies to crawl we will be tempting them by playing “peek a boo” games and rolling our coloured balls through the tunnels as well as using mirrors on the floor. Older babies will be encouraged to use the sit in and push along walkers which will help them develop the strength and balance they need in their legs to be able to pull themselves to standing and then to start to take their first steps on their own.

In the kitchen this month for Chinese New Year babies will be cooking delicious spring rolls which will also support them with their development as they are encouraged to try new food textures and tastes. They will also be making “ I love you” heart shaped cookies for Valentines day and yummy mulitcoloured “rainbow cakes”.

Little Leprechauns

Little Leprechauns will be reading their book of the month “The Rainbow Fish” to support them to learn about feelings, sharing with their friends and responding to the feelings and wishes of others. They will be encouraged to share and be kind to their friends and individual children will be awarded the “star of the day” as well as a certificate for doing this. They will also be making their own “family” books to encourage children to talk about their own immediate family and relations. (PLEASE BRING IN LABELLED PHOTOGRAPHS OF YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS).

Little Leprechauns will be making “rainbow fish” themed sensory boxes and encouraged to ask simple questions about “what’s in the box” as well as using new vocabulary to describe what they can feel to support their speaking skills. They will also be making beautiful sparkly “rainbow fish” using paper plates and shiny paper for the fish scales. To encourage children’s imagination they will be experimenting and building with coloured lego blocks, mixing colours as well as celery stamping to make colourful  “rainbow fish”.

Little Leprechauns will have lots of exciting activities to support them to count and develop their language of numbers. Older children will be encouraged to be able to use some language of quantities such as “more” and “a lot” and younger children will be encouraged to say some counting words during their play as they mould and design their own clay and playdoh rainbow fish, counting the buttons for scales. They will be counting and mark making using stencils, and paint as well as using a rainbow fish counting tray with materials such as rainbow coloured playdoh and colourful buttons.

To support children’s health and physical development, Little Leprechauns will be encouraged to try a range of new food textures and tastes. They will be making and tasting spring rolls to celebrate Chinese New Year as well as making yummy “ocean smoothies” with blueberries and bananas. Little Leprechauns will also be making rainbow fish-shaped biscuits and using their fingers to make colourful fingerprint fish scales, Little Leprechauns will also be encouraged to communicate their need to use the toilet as staff continue to use toilet charts as well as positive re-inforcements in the form of certificates and stickers. They will also be reading and listening to stories around hygiene routines so that children start to understand and show a desire to help.

Little Leprechauns will be taking turns weekly to take home “Fred the Frog” with his overnight bag and change of clothes and parents will be encouraged to help children with his dressing and undressing. This, along with dressing up races in the classroom will encourage children to learn how to help with their own clothing.

To celebrate Valentines day Little Leprechauns will be making sparkly heart shaped cards, roses using tissue paper and pipe cleaners as well as making red velvet cupcakes.

Extracurricular activities:

Little Kickers –Fridays 2:30pm


Pixies will be taking part in lots of exciting activities as they read their new book of the month “The Rainbow Fish”. They will be exploring how colours change as they mix them together to make a range of beautiful new shades which they will use in a rainbow picture for the room. They will also be doing lots of exciting colour experiments using sweeties, watching to see them change and talk about how the colours mix and run together. Pixies will be making a “Happy Octopus” display. The children will be having small group times discussing good actions/kind deeds that they do or like, then will be encouraged to try to write it on a fish scale to hang on the board to share with everyone in the room. Pixies will be using a range of mark making materials as they are encouraged to try to write/trace some simple letters, sound out and attempt to blend some simple words to express their feelings and actions.This will support the children to become aware of their own feelings and to understand that their actions and words can hurt others feelings.

Pixies will be taking part in lots of class group activities giving children the opportunity to discuss the “golden rules” for the classroom and things that will help them to get ready for school. This will also help the children to develop their speaking skills as they are encouraged to use more complex sentences to describe their thoughts, understanding of taking turns, sharing resources and generally to manage their feelings and behaviour. At small group times the children will be talking about themselves, what makes them unique as individuals, about their personalities, similarities and differences and how they come together as an amazing Pixie class! To help encourage and re-inforce positive behaviour Pixies will make a “rainbow fish” so that if the children have had a good day and followed the “golden rules” they will be able to add a brightly coloured scale, building them up to eventally receive a treat.

Pixies will also be busy practising their visual estimating of numbers using brightly coloured velcro scales to make a “rainbow fish” collage as well as trying out simple number problems. They will be encouraged to use their imagination to design and make their own sparkly fish with a range of materials which will help Pixies learn how to manipulate materials to achieve a planned effect. Pixies will also be learning about the life cycle of the fish to help them understand about how things grow and change over time as well as to support children to talk about the natural world around them.

To celebrate Chinese New Year Pixies will be making Dragon masks and having fun taking part in a special dancing chain in the garden dancing and listening to traditional Chinese music. They will also be making brightly coloured lanterns with sequins and paint. For Valentines day Pixies will be making a big Valentine wreath for the room using children’s pictures and words that describe themselves as well as tissue paper to make roses. They will also be making heart potato printing.

For cooking to celebrate Valentines day Pixies will be making yummy cinnamon swirls. They will be making and decorating fish biscuits with sparkly colourful sprinkles as well as making pizzas with a range of coloured toppings in conjunction with our book of the month. To celebrate Chinese New Year Pixies will also be making scrumptious vegetable spring rolls.

Extracurricular activities:

French lessons – Tuesdays at 10:00am

Ballet dance – Thursdays at 2:15pm

Little Kickers –Fridays at 3:00pm

From the office

Please can we remind parents to:

  • Provide appropriate named clothing for the winter for children, for example warm waterproof coats, hats, gloves, and wellington boots.
  • Provide a named bag with spare named clothing for children
  • Close properly, and put bolts on all outside garden gates to safeguard children
  • Fold your child’s buggy when using the buggy shed (if you remove another buggy in the process of retrieving your own, please return it back to the buggy shed)
  • Bring in any unwanted kitchen items that would be suitable for our Pixies room e.g. baking trays, spoons, pot and pans etc.

If you have any children’s clothing (3 months to 5 years) you no longer want, we would really appreciate any donations so that we can use it for spares (eg. tops, pants, trousers).

February’s Dates for your diary 2019

  • 5thFebruary – Chinese New Year – 2019 – The year of the Pig – this is the most important event in the Chinese Calendar
  • 14thFebruary –Valentine’s Day – Is the day when people show their affection for another person with a message of love.