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Magic Steps Newsletter July 2018

Nursery News:

As we continue into our Summer term, we welcome two new members of staff to the nursery – Martina Selby and Gracious Dywili. Martina has a level 3 qualification and will be based in our Baby Leprechauns room. Gracious has a level 4 qualification and is working towards a Degree in Working with Children and Young people. Both have many years’ experience working with children.

Policies and proceduresThis month please find attached our Sun Protection policy and procedure. If you have any queries regarding the content of this document, please contact the office.

Employee of the Month (June)

Two members of staff were voted Employee of the month for June – Charlie Young (nursery practitioner working across all rooms in the nursery) and James Greenham (Special Educational Needs Coordinator). Charlie was nominated for being ‘very helpful and happy, never too busy to help others’ and ‘dedicated, a good communicator and a fantastic help in the baby room’. James was nominated for ‘always putting the needs of others and the nursery first’, ‘supporting the management team with SEN children’ and ‘always being happy to take on any challenges that are thrown his way, including being a fantastic chef!’.


This month’s topic will be based on “Healthy eating/my body”

Baby Leprechauns

The babies have lots of fun activities ahead of them in July, as they will be exploring sensory and messy activities to help them learn how to use words and sounds during their play, as well as experimenting with textures. For example, the staff will be emphasising sounds and using words such as ‘splat’, ‘wow’, slimy’, ‘goo’, ‘drip’, ‘sticky’ while exploring ‘jelly baths’, gloop and other materials. Babies will also discover their bodies as they look at photographs and their reflections in mirrors; experiment making silly faces at themselves and each other; get messy with glue, making and decorating their own mirrors using silver card and sparkly materials; and make happy and sad puppets with paper plates and paint to support their understanding of feelings. To encourage babies to learn about different parts of the body they will be painting with their body, for example using their elbows, knees, toes, fingers, nose and arms. They will be adding to their artwork by using healthy foods including apples and radishes to make faces.

To celebrate Tanabata (the Japanese Star Festival) the children will make stars using glitter and sequins, stringing them together to make a sparkly classroom decoration for their sensory area. They will also design their own crowns out of different ‘sparkly’ materials to celebrate the birthday of Emperor Haile Selassie. Staff will be supporting the younger babies to become more confident on their feet by holding their hands and providing gentle encouragement and lots of praise as well as using walkers inside and outside in the garden.

In the kitchen, babies will get messy and sticky making yummy cinnamon swirls and veggie stars; and will make and ice biscuits, decorating them with healthy blueberries and apple.

Extracurricular activities:                                                             

Hartbeeps –Wednesday 2:15pm


Little Leprechauns

This month Little Leprechauns will be talking about change, as some of the older children will soon be transitioning into a different classroom in the nursery or moving on to a new school. The staff in the room will talk to the children in small groups at carpet time, and help them to explore with books and feelings cards. In the home corner, Little Leprechauns will be encouraged to use their imagination to construct, design and paint their own supermarket using a range of recycled materials including boxes, bottles, cartons etc and the children will be supported to take part in different roles e.g. shopkeeper and customer. This will help them develop their confidence and words as they learn how to ask for help from their friends and adults, as well as encourage them to help each other. The children will also make feather hats using various materials of different textures and mixing paints to explore colour.

To encourage independence and an understanding of healthy eating, Little Leprechauns will be choosing and preparing their own yummy snacks. They will learn about where foods come from, as they plant their own fruit seeds and learn how to use the tools (including spades and forks) safely to dig and plant in the garden. The children will also have an exciting food hunt in the garden with shopping baskets, working together with their friends. The winners will receive a certificate for finding the healthiest foods! To celebrate Tanabata, Little Leprechauns will be cooking toffee star apples and also making their own play doh using glitter and sequin stars so the children can explore different textures.

In the kitchen Little Leprechauns will make vegetable muffins using lots of healthy vegetables such as courgettes and sweetcorn, as well as making yummy raspberry jam tarts. To help the children recognise their numbers we will also be baking bread using scales to measure the ingredients.

Extracurricular activities:

Hartbeeps – Wednesday 2:40pm

Little Kickers –Fridays 2:30pm


This month Pixies will learn how to create and construct with a purpose in mind, as they design a picture/model of themselves using a range of different materials including lolly sticks, ear buds and googly eyes; and work together to create a big skeleton, to help develop an understanding of different body parts and what they do, including our heart, eyes, legs and arms. The children will be setting up their very own “Pixies Fruit and Vegetable Store” where they will go shopping and choose their favourite fruit and vegetables – staff will encourage the children to start to use everyday language relating to money and to understand some simple “who, what and where” questions as they pay for their food, make price lists and labels and take turns as shopkeepers and customers. They will also create height charts using tape measures looking at how tall they are and comparing themselves to their friends; take part in running races in the garden using stop watches to help time each other and scoring by making marks on whiteboards; and work together to build a circuit in the garden to experiment with different ways of moving including hopping, balancing, crawling and jumping.

To celebrate the festivals this month Pixies will design and learn about the galaxy, the names of the stars and planets, and work together to make a giant sparkly paint splattered collage to display in their room. They will also experiment with different ways to move their bodies, as they explore the sounds of a range of multicultural instruments, especially the drums!

For cooking Pixies will make scrummy blueberry muffins; create their own pizzas; make funny faces using a range of foods including cheese, pepperoni and sweetcorn; practice cutting up different fruit to make a fruit salad; and bake sticky raisin flapjacks.

Extracurricular activities:

French lessons – Tuesdays at 10:00am

Ballet dance – Thursdays at 2:15pm

Little Kickers –Fridays at 3:00pm


From the office

Please can we remind parents to:

  • Provide appropriate named clothing for children as the weather continues to be extremely hot, including sun hats.
  • Provide named sun cream if your child is not able to use the nursery sun cream and inform us in writing if you would not like us to apply our sun cream on your child.
  • Properly close and bolt all outside garden gates to safeguard the children.
  • Make sure you close all doors inside the nursery and at the main entrances.
  • Bring in any unwanted kitchen items that would be suitable for our Pixies room and for the outdoors e.g. baking trays, spoons, pot and pans etc.

July’s Dates for your diary 2018

  • 7thJuly – Tanabata (The Japanese Star festival):When the stars Vega and Altair have their annual meeting across the Milky Way
  • 18thand 19thJuly –Pixies Graduation Days
  • 23rdJuly – Birthday of Emperor Haile Selassie: The day on which the Emperor was born, a holy day celebrated with “Nyahbingi” drumming, hymns and prayer (Rastafarian)
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