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Nursery News:

As we continue into our Autumn term we welcome back Hayley Imrie and Amy Kelly (Nursery Practitioners) from maternity leave. Both Hayley and Amy will be supporting across all rooms in the nursery.

Policies and procedures

This month please find attached our “Feeding Babies“ policy and procedure. If you have any queries regarding the content of this document, please contact the office.

Employee of the Month (September)

Employee of the month for September was Chloe Turner (Nursery Practitioner) in Baby Leprechauns. Chloe was nominated for “always being happy, helpful and supportive to others”, “putting 100% into everything she does” and “always having a positive attitude”.

This month’s topic will be based on “Weather and Seasons”

Baby Leprechauns

Throughout October Baby Leprechauns will be exploring the beautiful Autumn colours as they mix different shades of green, orange and brown paints; finger and hand painting, to make brightly coloured trees and rainbows as well as decorating pine cones to display in the room. They will also collect leaves to create Autumn collages; design sun catcher leaves using sparkly coloured tissue paper and paint; and make spiky hedgehog bread rolls with raisins for eyes and breadsticks for spikes.

To celebrate Halloween Babies will be baking yummy, gooey cupcakes covered with green icing; and scary monster puppets out of card, using googly eyes and tubes, along with different coloured materials. To celebrate the Hindu festival of Navaratri, babies will be exploring with brightly coloured scarves, using their bodies move to different musical sounds from India. They will also make Indian sweet dishes including mixing, squishing and moulding coconut balls, developing their senses, fine motor skills and exploring textures.

The staff will be modelling simple single words with the younger babies this month, to encourage their speech sounds and support the older babies to put two words together. Babies will also be encouraged to choose and express preferences, for example at snack time and throughout the day as they choose between milk or water and between different fruits; play with lots of puzzles and shape sorters to help them learn how to pick up small objects; as well as explore with the wooden ride alongs and trucks to support their physical development. They will be learning how to communicate their wet/soiled nappies as the staff engage in lots of role play with them using the dolls and potties in the room; and will also be encouraged to understand their daily routines with support from the staff using simple words as well as visuals in the room.

Extracurricular activities:                                                              

Hartbeeps –Wednesday 2:15

Little Leprechauns

Little Leprechauns have lots of exciting activities and festivals to celebrate this month. They will continue to choose a story of the week, as well as use song bags and various props to learn new words and use them when communicating with their friends. The staff will encourage the children to use the language of size as they collect leaves in the garden, and older children will be encouraged to arrange them from largest to smallest.

They will explore the weather and seasons as they talk about Different Autumn colours; experiment with how colours can be changed as they mix shades of yellows, greens and browns; and use their imagination in junk modelling activities to make trees using real leaves for a display in the room.

To celebrate the Navaratri Hindu festival of music and dance Little Leprechauns will be listening to different types of Indian music and experimenting with ways of moving their body. They will also be making Dandiya sticks by rolling up white card and gluing shiny strips of transparent paper onto them, which they will then use to dance with.

Little Leprechauns have lots of exciting activities planned for Halloween this year. The children will learn to take turns with their friends while getting wet during apple bobbing; practice how to use knives safely while cutting up fruit to make kebabs to decorate their crazy Halloween pumpkin heads; and cook “scary cheesy breadstick bones”. The children will be working together learning to count while measuring out the ingredients using scales, and then mixing and moulding the dough to support their gross and fine motor skills.

To help support the children with their toilet and potty training the staff will be continuing with the toilet charts and visuals, as well as giving children lots of praise and encouragement. Little Leprechauns will be reading stories to encourage their understanding of using the potty and toilet, as well as lots of role play using the dolls and teddies with the potties. To help children learn about the boundaries and rules in the room Little Leprechauns will be concentrating on where the toys belong through fun tidy up activities, singing songs while using visual aids and lots of positive re-enforcement. Also, to support with speaking, listening and understanding skills the children will be cooking a delicious lemon meringue pie. They will be encouraged to follow simple instructions as staff model language and encourage children to ask questions about what happens when they add the different ingredients.

Extracurricular activities:

Hartbeeps – Wednesday 2:40pm

Little Kickers –Fridays 2:30pm


This month Pixies will be making their own individual “All about Me” books to keep and look at in the room; this will include all of the children’s artwork they have made about themselves, places they have been to and things they have done. The children will be encouraged to talk about the pictures in groups with their friends to encourage their confidence, speaking and listening skills. This will also support their development in being able to remember and talk about significant events in their lives, as well as family and friends who are special to them.

We will also begin to introduce a “Book of the week” to encourage the children’s interest in different stories and how they are structured, increase their awareness of rhythm, and support children’s  attention and recall skills. Activities will be planned during the week around the book. During October Pixies will be reading; The Gruffalo (Week 1), The Hungry Caterpillar (Week 2), Little Red Riding Hood (Week 3), Room on the Broom (Week 4) and The Three Little Pigs (Week 5). The children will explore the meaning behind the stories, and use materials as props to support them to be able to build their own stories and recreate events through role play.

To celebrate Navaratri, Pixies will be using their imagination to design sparkling Indian outfits using brightly coloured materials and glittery sprinkles; exploring different Indian music sounds; and creating colourful rice. The children will also use a range of sensory materials to help develop their fine motor skill movements and coordination, and help influence their writing skills; learn about different types of weather and seasons in the world around them; and make a display for the room using items such as different coloured Autumn leaves, conkers and pine cones brought in from home.

For Halloween Pixies will be experimenting with different materials to construct scary ghosts using lolly pop sticks, creepy spiders with pipe cleaners and pom poms, and pumpkin faces using  paper plates, coloured tissue, scissors and glue. They will participate in a sensory pumpkin game, exploring the inside of the pumpkin filled with slimy sensory mysteries, as well as making yummy Oreo and pretzel spiders to eat at the Halloween party! In the kitchen Pixies will also be cooking scary cupcakes, pumpkin pizza faces with a range of toppings, and jam tarts.

Extracurricular activities:

French lessons – Tuesdays at 10:00am

Ballet dance – Thursdays at 2:15pm

Little Kickers –Fridays at 3:00pm

From the office

Please can we remind parents to:

  • Provide appropriate named clothing for children as the weather moves further into Autumn /Winter. For example warmer jackets, waterproof coats and wellington boots.
  • Provide a named bag with spare named clothing for children
  • Close properly, and put bolts on, all outside garden gates to safeguard children.
  • Fold your child’s buggy when using the buggy shed.
  • Bring in any unwanted kitchen items that would be suitable for our Pixies room e.g. baking trays, spoons, pot and pans etc.

 October’s Dates for your diary 2018

  • 9thOctober – Navaratri – a Hindu Autumn festival extending over nine nights. It is associated with many local observances, especially the Bengali festival of Durga.
  • 16thOctober Photo Day– If your child does not attend on this day, please feel free to bring them in between 9.30-10.30am or 2.00-3.00pm.
  • 31stOctober Halloween– Magic Steps Halloween Party (the children will be dressing up and joining in lots of fun “spooky” activities). Please feel free to join us between 10 – 11am or 2- 3pm; the invitation is open to all children and parents that attend the nursery.

Please note for later in the year…….

  • Wednesday 21stNovember – Parents Evening
  • @magic_steps